Prof. Nagler, Professor Emiretus at Berkeley University on comparative studies, started the session with a short introduction about the history of the Metta Peace Center Foundation.

He referred to a lack of enough knowledge and understanding about peaceful and nonviolent movements, which leads to failure. Consequently, the idea of establishing such a center came to his mind to teach people comprehensive principles of nonviolence. Now at the center he holds an advisor status. He noted that the only solution for a long-term victory is nonviolent resistance, though violence may one day result in short-term victory.

In general, he described some of the current and active projects of the center.



Some of the programs which he outlined are “Nonviolence Radio” and “Radio Program” which focus on global peace movements and invite guests to participate in hot discussions on nonviolent campaigns.

The other programs which the center offers are online courses regarding nonviolent techniques and training activists to dispatch to regions of conflicts such as Syria, Bangladesh (Rohingya) and Lebanon to observe, control the situation and establish peace.

“Hope Tank” was another program which the Mr.Naglar clarified. According to him this activity involves a group of people gathering at 8 o’clock in the morning and start meditating, following breakfast and finally discussing hot topics relating to movements and campaigns or any trending social issues.

Furthermore, he referred to Restorative Justice as a substitute method for uproot reasons of criminal activities of teenagers in a school with a high rate of crime.

In conclusion, he expressed his interest in translating and publishing the Metta Peace Center Foundation handbook to Persian (Farsi) and future cooperation with the Peace Sprit Foundation.

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