Abhishek, who is doing his MA in Iran studies, started his speech by giving a brief history of the Indian dynasties and their language and art. Noting that Persian used to be the official language of India, he underlined the importance of Persian language impact on Indian language, literature, culture and art. Born in Maharashtra state of India, Abhishek speaks Marathi language as his mother tongue and that it contains more than 40% of Persian words and is very close to it.


Then he turned to Iranian architecture which has played a crucial role in creating stunning monuments in India as Taj Mahal and Badshahi Mosque which were created by Shah Jahan, the very famous king of India.



“What I found interesting upon my arrival was the hospitality and kindness of Iranians; Iran is like my second home; and it is for all Indians for the shared history and culture,” he said.


Abishek later touched upon cinema, one of the most significant features of India, which he believed is a proper ground for cooperation between India and Iran regarding the historical and cultural backgrounds of the two countries.


On politics, he underlined the importance of Tehran-New Delhi ties urging for further strengthening of bilateral ties. Abishek also reaffirmed the need for boosting economic cooperation noting the great resources both countries are enjoying from; “Chabahar joint project for example is a huge investment of India and central Asia in Iran.”

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