As a core idea and underlying philosophy of Peace Sprit Foundation, we believe that the more different nations know other nations and culture, the more mutual understanding will happen and such understanding helps promote peace and prevent conflicts among the nations and countries. Thus, the Foundation’s activities are international and global. This provides a great opportunity for the young volunteers or students who want to be in touch with other cultures to seize the moment and gain some experience. That’s where Peace Sprit Foundation offers this opportunity through its Internship Programs to young volunteers who believe in peace and want to make friendly relations with people from all around the world.

Our interns are tasked with working with our members in doing research studies, finding and contacting NGOs in other countries, organizing meetings with experts and foreign guests, inviting foreign guests to stay with us and taking our guests to sightseeing around the city. All in all, they will follow a path which helps them experience new cultures and lifestyles through activities and living the points in real life. The interns will also benefit from various workshops training them with detailed skills they would need in their potential careers in the future.

Internship at Peace Sprit Foundation is suitable for anyone who likes or needs to be in touch with foreign nationals whether inside or outside the country. However, students or graduates in majors such as international relations, politics, regional or country studies, peace studies, human rights, foreign languages, etc. are highly encouraged to participate in these internship programs.

The internship program is not only for Iranian nationals and foreign nationals and volunteers residing in Iran can also apply for internship to join our friendly team.

Calls for application are published every three months through the website and social media accounts of the Foundation. Applicants will send their CVs and documents to the Foundation’s office and they will be further called for interviews. Due to the limited number of internship positions, the top applicants will be selected through the interview procedures.


All the interns who can successfully finish their internship course, will receive a certificate at the end of their program which includes 3 different grades as seen in the following photos of the certificates.