Meeting with peace Activists
Berghof Foundation

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Special Meeting with France's #GiletJaune movement
41st Knowing Nations session
with Juan Martin, PSF intern from Argentina

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Together we learn!

Education is a major part of PSF agenda. We try, not only to make learning an ongoing activity at PSF, but to contribute to raising awareness about peace, tolerance and multiculturalism in the society via different means including studying sessions, public or specialized workshops and internship courses.


An ample opportunity!

We feel the responsibility to help everyone to have access to different sources of information and knowledge helpful for creating unity and peace. Therefore, we try to use any opportunity to fulfill this goal. Organizing sessions on cultures of different countries, peace NGOs and peace activists and holding workshops on different topics of peace are among PSF events.


working hard for peace!

PSF follows short-term and long-term goals, which could be achieved through different projects.Establishing network of peace NGOs, international camps on peace and multiculturalism, language camps, specialized tours for foreign students, peace and public diplomacy research and education and training peace envoys are among top priorities for PSF.

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